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Timeshare Software your employees will actually like using...


We’re with you all the way, through installation, training & support

We offer a full range of services to make sure your transition over to MAGNA is smooth, without disrupting your current organization and operations.

Coordination of ALL parts of your business for easier management

Timeshare Software synchronizes all your timeshare resort or vacation club software activities, allowing each area (from telemarketing to tours to finance...) to work easily with each other—and gives you instant access to critical information for tight management. Easier management means you can be on top of situations, eliminating wasted effort and maximizing profits.

Simple, user-friendly software

MAGNA Timeshare Software is designed to be intuitive and easy for your staff to use. The learning curve is amazingly short: about 30 to 60 minutes per module! The MAGNA interface is FAST to use—much faster than mouse-based programs, meaning your staff can get more done in a day with much less stress.

MAGNA timeshare software works with whatever computer system you currently use

Whether you are a small PC-oriented business or a larger networked operation with multiple users at multiple sites, MAGNA has the software, hardware and technical resources to get you connected and running smoothly in record time. MAGNA works with ALL computer platforms, including Windows, Apple Mac OSX, iPads, iPhones,Unix and Linux. Character terminals, Thin Clients, etc &emdash; and information can be securely accessed over the Internet from remote locations, reducing IT costs.


I first purchased the MAGNA timeshare software system in 1997 for use in a timeshare marketing company that I owned. Two years later I joined a timeshare resort and suggested that they investigate MAGNA for their sales and marketing operations. They purchased the software and it performed as promised. In 2002 I was the CEO of an Orlando timeshare resort, which had installed a system other than MAGNA prior to my joining the company. We assigned the CFO and the in-house IT manager the responsibility of comparing MAGNA to the existing system, and following their due diligence, the company converted to MAGNA. We currently use MAGNA to manage an internet marketing and prospect generation company.”

— F. B., Business Owner and Entrepreneur