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We received a great Timeshare Software Review on a review site from one of our clients. We believe it symbolizes our authority in this space and shows the best software for managing tour vendors, timeshare resorts and vacations clubs is Magna Timeshare Software.

Our clients rave about the complete coverage of our software for ease of data entry, reporting, analytics and business process. Most noteworthy are the unique processes in the extensive commissioning system for sales, OPC, tour vendors and telemarketers. They have found a comprehensive owner referral application is baked right into the main information about your timeshare or actions club. It is interesting to find that a brief training period occurs but unlike our competitors our software allows users to become more skilled and gain typing speed every day through memory muscle, which only available with Magna.

In conclusions Magna Timeshare Software goes way beyond the competitors. Our competitors have substituted shiny faces, industry jargon, incomplete reporting, lack of knowledge in the industry while Magna exceeds in complete coverage of the enterprise, extensive reporting fully completed, readily available customizations, 90 years of knowledge in the business, competent accurate data entry and analytics with a simplicity novices find inviting.

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Here is an excerpt:

Comments: This is a Magna timeshare software review. This software has helped Jumpers carry out our goal of providing good customer service and tracking operating aspects of the business. Sales automation, tour appointment automation, sales contracts, client support and commissions. Used seamlessly on the cloud, web, Macs, Windows, Android and IOS devices.

Pros: The first training and the ongoing customer support has been phenomenal. The specific industry and company tasks were tailor-made to maximize efficiency. There are many useful features available, such as easy search, analytical reports, finance modules, and shared notes, just to name a few that are constantly used. Uptime is 99.9%. I personally do not take the time to write reviews unless there has been an amazing experience with the product.

Cons: There is a slight learning curve to find certain settings. Due to the many options available to customize the software to fit our specific applications, there are settings in several different areas, which is why I give the ease of use rating a 4/5 stars.

Recommendations to other buyers: Magna Timeshare Software is a good value and a great investment; a primary tool for our vacation club to maximize ROI.

Jim has founded and managed Magna Computer Corp since 1985.