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Voice and Text Notification Services


MAGNA Timeshare Software is now offering notification services. Magna notification services include pre-recorded voice messages, email and/or text messages delivered in minutes. The process is fast, easy and reliable.

Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!


1. Manage your scheduled tours lists

2. Record message to send to list

3. Export lists in specified format

4. Launch message

This tool can ONLY be used to communicate with guests who have an Existing Business Relationship (EBR) with the resort. It can NOT be used for to communicate any type of solicitation. See below for more information.


Important Notifications Examples:

  • Delinquent Accounts and Dues
  • Tour Reminders
  • New Owner Welcome Messages
  • Reservations Reminders
  • New Procedures
  • Special Events
  • Meetings
  • Emergency Situation Directions
  • Weather Notifications

Increase your revenue from delinquent accounts being paid up to date, remind a guest about their tour time the day before or day of a tour, contact owners to confirm their use of their week, remind guests to fulfill their open dated packages, communicate quickly with staff or vendors about meetings or new procedures, tell current owners about special events happening at the resort, quick call all guest and staff during emergency situations or bad weather..

By Using Pre-Recorded Notifications, Text and Email You Can…….

  • Increase your reach to owners, members, guests, and staff
  • Decreases your need to employee more staff
  • Decrease overhead costs – (less equipment, less space needed)
  • Increase your revenue – (collect delinquent dues, Heads in beds)
  • Increase show rate
  • Faster Results -Contact with your lists/ groups can happen in a fraction of the time it takes for a live person to dial.
  • Keep your delivered messages consistent
  • Provides an extra point of contact to keep you fresh in the minds of your owners/guests
  • Use as a secondary form of communication
  • Higher percent of message delivery – the auto call can be set to call back any number that was unsuccessful, until it gets a delivery.
  • Use the “press 1” feature to speak with a live person 0r collect voice messages.
  • Notifications can be scheduled to make calls at any time of day, where as a live person may only be on duty during one time of day.
  • Can re-enforce commitment or message that you previously made with member/guest
  • Bring confirmed vs showed rate closer to a real count
  • Detailed call result reports help allow you to measure your calls

Excerpt from FCC Website : A telephone solicitation is a telephone call that acts as an advertisement. The term does not include calls or messages placed with your express prior permission, by or on behalf of a tax-exempt non-profit organization, or from a person or organization with which you have an established business relationship (EBR).
An EBR exists if you have made an inquiry, application, purchase, or transaction regarding products or services offered by the person or entity involved. Generally, you may put an end to that relationship by telling the person or entity not to place any more solicitation calls to your home. Additionally, the EBR is only in effect for 18 months after your last business transaction or three months after your last inquiry or application.